A Weekend In Paris I

Paris, you’ve got me good. Apparently I just can’t stay away. After a few initial hiccups with an overbooked Eurostar train and a reshuffling of seats and reassigning of tickets, I finally arrived in lovely, lovely Paris. The last time I visited, it was dry, but cold and grey, and I wandered the streets with a takeaway […]

Evening in London

So once again I thought I’d set out to explore London, just me, my camera, pen and paper. I made the most of the late night museum openings, spending hours sat in near-deserted galleries, for once able to really look at the art on display without having to peer through crowds of tourists. Lately I’ve fallen […]


Ok, nothing against Spain, but I’ve just never liked it. I starve every time I go there because I hate the food, I almost keeled over with shock when I found out that Zara – one of my favourite fashion stores – is Spanish, and the men are just… urgh. It’s not for me. Give […]

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