Summer Adventures: Budapest



I remember my first trip to Budapest, during the summer of 2012, during a long, hot backpacking trip that took me across much of the continent. I was pretty clueless as to what to expect. I knew Budapest as the place of bathhouses… that was about it. I had no idea just how beautiful it is, how affordable and just how lovely those bathhouses are when it’s 35C and my pasty white skin can’t take it anymore.

I also discovered my favourite tiny stationary shop in the entire world and had to come back to see what lovely new things they have brought into stock in the past three years: BomoArt. Unfortunately, they were very against photographs, and so instead you can take a peek at their website above. If you have a love of all things vintage, as well as a love of stationery, you’ll love them! All of their pattern and print designs are 100% custom designed by their in-house team, but you can see heavy vintage influences throughout; botanic illustrations, industrial revolution-esque imagery, Victorian style patterns and my personal favourites; travel-themed, postcard-style designs. As well as stationery, you can find quirky gifts, including praxinoscopes, kaleidoscopes, and teleidoscopes!

It was so great to return to this beautiful city!






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