Summer Adventures: Prague

It’s typical, isn’t it. There are those weeks when I find myself with all the time in the world to document my life, to blog and journal and bend the mundanities of reality into fiction,  but there’s the key word that prevents me from doing just that; mundane. There’s simply nothing of interest to write about […]

Brick Lane

More London wanderings, this time along Brick Lane itself. It was buzzing with people, everywhere you looked. Music swelled from doorways (that’s one thing that amazes me about Brick Lane – the whole street is constantly pulsing with music, and yet I can never pinpoint where it is coming from. What’s more, why is there […]

Columbia Road

I spent another lovely afternoon wandering around with my camera in hand, honing my street photography skills. Every Sunday, Columbia Road (just north of Brick Lane), becomes engulfed by a sea of flowers as the weekly market arrives. For such a narrow street, it really is amazing how many vans, stalls, tables and flowers can […]

Bonfire Night 2014

It has to be said, I can never go back to the dainty, small-town firework displays of my childhood. London has ruined me. This year, my bonfire night involved dinosaurs on stilts, sneaking through cemeteries, problematic language barriers and singing Frozen’s Let it go in ankle-deep mud, and therefore, all in all, it was my […]

Evening in London

So once again I thought I’d set out to explore London, just me, my camera, pen and paper. I made the most of the late night museum openings, spending hours sat in near-deserted galleries, for once able to really look at the art on display without having to peer through crowds of tourists. Lately I’ve fallen […]

Derbyshire Ramblings

It seems even my passport and post-uni freedom can’t rein in my ‘workaholic’ tendencies… apologies, I’ve been working really, really hard on something that hopefully I can share online in another week or so! Secrets, secrets, secrets 😉 So, my friend Fabby came to Derbyshire a few weeks ago, and, being the lovely friend that I am, […]


Ok, nothing against Spain, but I’ve just never liked it. I starve every time I go there because I hate the food, I almost keeled over with shock when I found out that Zara – one of my favourite fashion stores – is Spanish, and the men are just… urgh. It’s not for me. Give […]

Lagos Water Sports

This is the main reason that I came to Lagos; the water sports. Surfing and jet skiing especially. I also tried my hand at water-skiing, but I’m not going to pretend I was any good. In fact, imagine Bambi water-skiing (to my uni friends, that’s Bambi the deer, not Bambi the person… though I imagine […]

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