A Weekend In Paris I

Paris, you’ve got me good. Apparently I just can’t stay away. After a few initial hiccups with an overbooked Eurostar train and a reshuffling of seats and reassigning of tickets, I finally arrived in lovely, lovely Paris. The last time I visited, it was dry, but cold and grey, and I wandered the streets with a takeaway […]

A Wet, Windy Berlin Weekend

It’s funny. I’ve travelled back and forth across Europe extensively across the years, via plane, train, car (hitchhiking), and coach. Yet, in all these years, I’ve barely seen Germany, besides in transit. It always seems to be a place where I’m merely passing by, whether on an overnight train from Amsterdam to Prague or an […]

A Week in Paris I

Recently I spent a lovely week in Paris. I used to visit my favourite city in the world often, at least every few months, but this time, it’s been about three years since my last visit. I’ve missed it terribly. Paris has always held a special place in my heart, for as long as I […]

Summer Adventures: Prague

It’s typical, isn’t it. There are those weeks when I find myself with all the time in the world to document my life, to blog and journal and bend the mundanities of reality into fiction,  but there’s the key word that prevents me from doing just that; mundane. There’s simply nothing of interest to write about […]

Brick Lane

More London wanderings, this time along Brick Lane itself. It was buzzing with people, everywhere you looked. Music swelled from doorways (that’s one thing that amazes me about Brick Lane – the whole street is constantly pulsing with music, and yet I can never pinpoint where it is coming from. What’s more, why is there […]

Columbia Road

I spent another lovely afternoon wandering around with my camera in hand, honing my street photography skills. Every Sunday, Columbia Road (just north of Brick Lane), becomes engulfed by a sea of flowers as the weekly market arrives. For such a narrow street, it really is amazing how many vans, stalls, tables and flowers can […]

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