Summer Adventures: Bratislava

In August, a friend and I took two weeks to wander around the continent; Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. Needless to say, it was pretty great. For two days, we soaked beneath the sun in Slovakia’s capital – an impromptu stop. Through Airbnb we found the cheapest, prettiest little apartment on the outskirts of the city, and would chundle along the tram each morning. Everything was so gloriously cheap!








I’ll be blunt though… this isn’t exactly a ‘sightseeing city’. Beautiful, without a doubt, and peaceful. It was perfect for a few relaxing days, but we could definitely have spent just the one day there. By the end of the second, we were aching to move on. That said, it should be noted that Zlaté Piesky lake is an great place if you want to try out a few water sports. Perhaps it should also be noted that Zlaté Piesky’s ‘Golden Sands’ beach is actually quite miniscule, so unless you arrive early enough to find a spot (or if you wish to sunbathe away from the multitude of children and their sandcastles), you’ll have to make do with the surrounding grass. Though the multitude of trees provide plenty of shade..!

bratislava 3






So don’t get me wrong. Bratislava was undoubtedly beautiful, and having never been there before, I’m so glad that we decided to take the spontaneous stop. It’s a romantic old place, full of crumbling buildings and abandoned streets that you can keep all to yourself. You can get lost in your own thoughts beneath willow trees and go unnoticed for hours. It’s castle looks like it has dropped out of a classic Disney film, with its pure white walls and turrets. Everywhere you turn the city is draped in history and that unique eastern European charm. It’s just not a place if you’re looking for a busy itinerary. Instead, it’s a perfect stop-off to rest and recharge your batteries while gorging yourself on dirt-cheap ice cream and cider (perhaps not together).

















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