A Wet, Windy Berlin Weekend

It’s funny. I’ve travelled back and forth across Europe extensively across the years, via plane, train, car (hitchhiking), and coach. Yet, in all these years, I’ve barely seen Germany, besides in transit. It always seems to be a place where I’m merely passing by, whether on an overnight train from Amsterdam to Prague or an aimless hitchhiking trip, spanning the length of a summer. And so, finally, I wanted to properly see what I’ve been missing.

Berlin may not be as beautiful as Paris, Rome, or even London, its architecture leaning more towards the industrial, but the entire city throbs with life, teaming with artists, muscicians and entrepreneurs. Everyone in Berlin is achingly cool, tattooed and often vegan.



And for a capital city in one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, I was amazed to find how affordable a place Berlin was to visit. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be paying another visit again soon.

Your thoughts?

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