A Week in Paris I

Recently I spent a lovely week in Paris. I used to visit my favourite city in the world often, at least every few months, but this time, it’s been about three years since my last visit. I’ve missed it terribly. Paris has always held a special place in my heart, for as long as I can remember. Since long before I ever actually visited. 

My first day was spent visiting old haunts; the world famous Shakespeare & Company bookshop, which has opened a neighbouring cafe since my last visit. I can highly recommend the gluten free chocolate muffins – so good, you wouldn’t know they were GF at all! I love finding a quiet corner (tip: it gets insanely busy at S&Co, so go either immediately after opening, or in the final hour before closing, on a weekday), picking up a pile of books and reading the first chapter of each. Whichever book proves the most difficult to put down after a single chapter, I buy it. Sometimes I can’t resist a second.

Jardin du Luxembourg is always my second stop, being just a fifteen minute walk away from Shakespeare and Company. My favourite park in Paris, besides perhaps Buttes Chaumont. One day I’ll live here, and I’m sure I’ll tire of the tourist hotspots and instead rave about the lesser known cafes and parks, buried deep in the hubbub of the 11th or 18th or 19th arrondissments, but for now, I’m a left bank girl, even if it’s not cool to be so. 

Having visited so often before, I’m lucky enough to by now have a few friends in Paris, and so much needed catch-ups over coffee or while strolling around the Marais with our cameras was a must. It always amazes me how years can go by, and yet five minutes into a conversation with an old friend, and it’s as though no time as passed at all!

Needless to say, I’m already planning my next visit.

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