A Week in Madrid & Segovia

I recently spent a week in Madrid with my brother, who has never been abroad before. Having been before, I knew that he would have a great time – great food, beautiful art, friendly people and beautiful architecture! September is such a wonderful time of year to visit, being hot, but not sweltering.

You may be wondering about the sunflowers… these were part of a glorious exhibition at the Matadero, a former slaughterhouse, now very modern culture centre! For those of you who are interested, more information about the exhibition can be found here. I have a thing about hunting down the culture centres of every city I visit or inhabit.. whether it’s London’s Barbican Centre or Royal Festival Hall, Paris’ Gaite Lyrique or Madrid’s  Matadero.

While visiting the Matador, there seemed to be some sort of cycling festival going on… as someone who never learnt to ride a bike (I know!), I kind of wish we’d visited on another day, as everything was just bikes, bikes, bikes.

We took a day trip to Segovia, to see this glorious Roman Aqueduct, and to see the Alcazar of Segovia – a magnificent palace, all turrets and towers, and an endless climb to the rooftop (I lost count just how many steps we climbed!) The view made it so worth it, however – see below!

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